I spoke to Lou Schenck about 20 min. ago and he informed me that as far as he knows Paul’s viewing will be Saturday, October 1st at Fredendall’s Funeral Home in Altamont between 4 and 7pm. Lou was asked by the family about the services performed by the Masons as Paul was a Mason.

I checked Fredendall’s web site but there was nothing about Paul entered as of 7:30 pm today. If anyone is interested they can check the website, there may be something tomorrow. That is all I know right now. Take care, John

Ted Willsey called about ½ an hour ago and told me that Paul Giebitz apparently fell off his tractor and it ran over him and killed him. This happened around 4:30 or so Ted thought. This is all I have and have not been able to verify it yet. It may be on the evening news. John