My wife and I took a ride to Kims West Winds. Nice little place, right on the creek. An 88 year old gentleman held the door open for Marlene and I. I guess they will be used to OFs. From our place it was 46 minutes on the flats and 41 minutes over the hill. Over the hill was 12 miles shorter, however that way is picturesque but it is over hill and dale, twist and turns, route changes and fun. Speed wise not so. Many turns with speed limits of 20 mph. However looking at the pins in the map we are about the furthest away…


Our next breakfast is at the Hilltown Café in Rensselaerville

Then Kim’s West Winds on route 145 in Preston Hollow

Then The Middleburgh Diner

Then Mrs. K’S

Then The Country Café.    See you there…John

Rent a cow for Roger