Well I have my machine back and there was nothing wrong with it. It was Microsoft and windows 10…


This is going to be a list for quite a few breakfast, so I am writing this once, only once…Nov. 17th Hilltown Café.         Like the girl in Alo, Alo…

Nov.  24th Middleburgh Diner

Dec. 1st Mrs. Ks

Dec. 8th Country Café

Dec. 15th Your Way Café

Dec. 22nd Mrs. Ks for Christmas breakfast.

Dec. 29th The Duanesburgh Diner.

Now we are up to date. And don’t expect me to remember this with out figuring it out again with a calendar…The few hairs left are gray and they get in the way of keeping track of things like this. I am lucky when I remember our anniversary.  John