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Marlene and I (Marlene is the wife) had lunch at the old Alley Cat, then the Blue Star, then the SchCo, and now the “Your way Café”. We both had standard fare and it was standard, but what can you do with a turkey sandwich, and French toast. The French toast was the real deal though, not just bread. The place was full.


The waitresses were both known to Marlene and I, one was the tall thin one from the Cobleskill Diner, and the other one was one that worked for the previous owners of the now defunct diners at this same location.


They would like to have us, and the one waitress knew what she was getting into, the one from the Cobleskill Diner will require some OMOTM training.


The complete rundown starting with the Home Front where we will be Tuesday March 31st

Hilltown Café on April 7th

Middleburgh Diner on April 14th

Mrs. Ks on April 21st

Country Café on April 28th

“Your Way Café” May 5th

Duanesburgh Diner May 12th

Chuck Wagon Diner May 19th


There TMI. Take care and see you at the Home Front…John