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The Old Men of the Mountain by John R. Williams

On June 4th, again Tuesday, the Old Men of the Mountain met at the Blue Star Restaurant in Schoharie. The Blue Star is located right next to a bank, and next to the bank is the U.S. Post Office so if any of the OFs have to make their alimony payments, they can eat, go to the bank, get a certified check, and go directly to the Post Office and mail it. Or they can just walk to the Post Office, get a money order and it’s done. How convenient.

At this breakfast this scribe was not there. This scribe had a bonafied excuse written from the scribe to the scribe. The scribe has many unused notes from previous breakfasts so these notes will be used here.

The OFs that do the bridge building were at it again. So far they have built 9 bridges. The two most recent were in late May and early June. The one in May was not really a bridge but a length of raised foot-treads to traverse a good size constant wet area on the Long Path in the town of Rotterdam near Rynex Corners in the Plotterskill Nature Preserve. This “bridge” will accommodate people that are not really hikers but just out for a walk in the preserve in their flip-flops, tank tops and shorts. Real hikers would not venture out dressed like that, and probably would not need the treads ─ bridges yes.

The other bridge was erected June first by some of the OMOTM along with 25 other volunteers who helped erect the OF’s bridge on National Trails Day again on the Long Path at Rossman Hill in Schoharie County. The OF bridge builder is Mark Traver, with the assistance of Glenn Patterson, and on this day Harold Guest and his grandson were among the volunteers.

The Long Path has had some OFs that were early volunteers for the endeavor. Mike Willsey and Harold Guest were some of the trail blazers, and continued to work in maintaining sections of the trail. Like many other projects similar to this, people like the OMOTM are beginning to show the first word of the OMOTM, and OFs, and OGs, and this type of work is becoming a little much for some of the OFs bodies. It is time for the young-uns to take over. Where ever they are.

As this scribe was tooling down the highway on this particular Tuesday the scribe was hoping that part of the discussions the OFs were having (when it was current events time) was on the C-130 visit and that the planning was going along well. What prompted these thoughts was that on the way to North Carolina this scribe noticed the absence of contrails. (Tuesday was one of the nice days). In the scribe’s notes there are conversations of how many times the OFs noticed (particularly in the evening, and early morning) how many contrails there are, but down south (at least where the scribe was headed) nothing. The scribe wondered if it is the large populated areas of the Northeast that breeds all this air traffic. Hmm.

Those that made it to the Blue Star Restaurant in Schoharie and came by car, motorcycle, truck or van, but not a plane were: Ted Willsey, Jim Rissacher, Miner Stevens, Robie Osterman, George Washburn, Mark Traver, Harold Guest, Glenn Patterson, Otis Lawyer, Frank Pauli, John Rossmann, Bill Krause, Steve Kelly, Roger Shafer, Don Moser, Arnold Geraldsen, Jay Taylor, Bob Benac, Herb Sawotka, Henry Witt, Don Wood, Gary Porter, Jack Norray, Bob Dietz, Lou Schenck, Carl Walls, Mace Porter, Elwood Vanderbilt, but not me.

OMOTM bridge, long path Rossman Hill