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Ok, this is the first real test of working with the windows 8 to do the whole thing from the downstairs computer. So here goes. Next week we will be at the Duanesburg Diner, Then the Chuck Wagon, then the Home Front, then Rensselaerville etc. etc. Take care, John

The Old Men of the Mountain by John R. Williams

On Tuesday, the 9th day of April, the Old Men of the Mountain met at the Blue Star Cafe in Schoharie. It was our first really nice day, at least in the morning; then the wind came up. Again. It seems we can’t get away from it.
This prompted the OFs to once more start talking about Florida. It seems when the weather gets rotten here the talk turns to Florida, or warmer climes. This time it was about how it is an OK place to visit but not many of the OFs want to live there. The reason this time was insects, snakes, and the heat.

One OF related a little story about visiting one of his relatives in the sunshine state of Florida and went to enjoy some leisure time out on the lanai (we call it a screened in porch). The OF whipped out a chair and sat down. After sitting down he looked up and saw something crawling up the screen on the inside of the lanai, and asked, “Hey, is that a scorpion?” The answer was yes it was…nasty little critters these things are, and the relative took care of it like we would a box alder. The OF said after that he checked the chairs before he sat down, the bed before he went to bed, and his shoes before he got dressed. The OF did not know where next he would find one of these things.
Another OF said going barefoot was a little chancy. It seems that nasty critters just don’t climb walls. The OF mentioned the fire ants that are all over and some of the seeds from different varieties of vegetation are like little land mines that have spikes on them that will penetrate soles of flip-flops. The OF said, “These seeds hide in the grass so well,” that he was unable to really detect them.

Then we have the OFs that won’t tough out the winters, but will tough out the bugs and critters.
This dialogue led to one of the minor problems of winter and even early spring. Fall can’t be ruled out either on this problem. The OFs talked about how lousy cold eggs, and a cold breakfast, are. One OF said it is a bad way to start the day, cold eggs, and cold shoulder would dampen the spirits of any happy-go-lucky guy. The OFs figured that what causes this problem is cold plates. In our homes most cupboards are on outside walls, and the dishes in these cupboards can become quite chilly. Take a couple ladles of scrambled eggs and put them on this cold plate, and then add cold ketchup, salt and pepper, and any heat that was in those eggs is gone. Yuk.

This problem was solved by many of the OFs by putting the plates in the microwave and warming them up. The same with coffee…if you take a cup from the cupboard and pour in the coffee from the pot, already the coffee is cooled down to ready to drink, then add milk and it becomes necessary to drink the coffee rather quickly or it becomes cold and now it is necessary to put the coffee in the microwave to warm it up.

After listening to all this (and this scribe does a lot of what the OFs were talking about) this scribe thought there should be an electrical outlet in the center of the kitchen floor, and the dining room floor, so the table could have a warming element in the table top. All that anyone would have to do is turn it on then the plates are warm, the silverware is warm, and the cups are warm. The ham in the center of the table won’t cool off, the peas and carrots, which seem to cool quickly will stay warm. No! All that will be necessary is to devise a way that will stay cool, so water, and wine, and the beer will stay cold, and the Jell-O won’t melt…little problems like that. Then the OFs will be happy and quit their bellyaching.

How do doctors keep us straight? If the OFs sees the same doctor on a regular basis they can understand how those doctors can keep the OF straight and know who he is when he comes through the door. It is the other OFs that see a doctor only once a year, or once every six months. The doctors sees hundreds of people and since the OFs all look alike with their gray hair (what there is of it) pot bellies, hearing aids, and all that goes with it, how do the doctors know who they are dealing with, and what keeps him from confusing this OF with another OF? The OFs know that if they are introduced to someone and a year later see that same person we wonder who the heck is that, and why do I know him? One OF said he doesn’t worry about it because he spends so much time there he and the doctor are on first name basis, and do lunch together. One OF said he is one that only goes to the doctors once a year and most of the time sees the same one. What if the desk gives the doctor the wrong chart of some other old coot? That doctor ain’t going to know and might pack me off to the hospital for tests.

My gosh! Just something else the OFs have picked up to worry about!

Those OFs that made it to the Blue Star Cafe in Schoharie (and not in the hospital with some trumped up problem that is not even theirs) were: Dave Williams, Harold Grippen, John Rossmann, Roger Shafer, (yes Roger Shafer), Steve Kelly, Miner Stevens, Robie Osterman, Bill Krause, Frank Pauli, Don Woods, Jack Norray, Mace Porter, Gary Porter, Gerry Chartier, Mike Willsey, Harold Grippen, Elwood Vanderbilt, and me.