It was a beautiful Tuesday on August 23rd when the Old Men of the Mountain marched off to the Chuck Wagon in Princetown. The main part of Princetown is along Route 20 not far from Duanesburg – heading toward Albany. Traveling up Route 20 (or it would be going west on 20) from the light where the turn is to the Orchard Creek golf course is Princetown.  Up the road about two miles, maybe three, and the Chuck Wagon is on your left. The driver of one carload must have been talking and driving at the same time and as OFs quite often we find this hard to do. Many OFs in a good conversation while driving will drive right past their own driveways and not for just a little way either. In this case that carload of OFs wound up in Duanesburg before they realized they had gone way too far. Oh well, it was a nice day for an early morning ride, crisp air and all that. Some OFs on their way to the breakfast had their car heaters on a little bit. Wusses.

          As most of us know some electronics just have to be looked at crookedly and they will not work; these types of electronics cannot take any abuse at all. Then there are others that can be hit with a hammer then thrown under a moving truck and still come out unscathed working fine. One OF related a story about his garage door opener.

          For some reason this OF carried the garage door opener into the house in his back pocket. His reason for going into the house was to use the bathroom. Unbeknownst (isn’t that a neat word) to the OF it fell out of his pocket into the toilet bowl. When he flushed the toilet it worked a little slow but he thought nothing of it. Later on, (and the OF did not say whether it was 2 days, 5 days, or weeks) the wife finally said that the toilet would hardly flush at all and the OF should look at it and see what is wrong.

          The OF took the toilet all apart because plunging did not help. Much to his dismay he found what the problem was — it was the garage door opener. Many of these devises are programmed to a specific garage door so chucking it was an option but not a good one. So donning rubber gloves the OF began to clean the garage door opener. When the OF thought it was sufficiently cleaned he placed it in the sun to dry. Then he installed a new battery, and son of a gun it worked like new. They are still using that garage door opener. Now dear reader you can add any comments on what type of garage door it is now called — be our guest.

          On Friday the nineteenth of August the Hilltowns and many other places had some short and violent thunderstorms. The Knox Reformed Church had just completed a successful Vacation Bible School when one of those storms decided to drop in. Most people had gone after the Vacation Bible School picnic when the rains started. There were some who stayed around to clean up, and one OF came back to help.  Upon approaching the Knox Reformed Church this OF swears that a bolt of lighting struck the parking lot of the church, and again he swears it shook his vehicle as he turned into the lot. The people in the church said they all jumped and had never heard such a crack of thunder before. At the breakfast this morning an OF that does not live too far from the church also mentioned that there was a crack of thunder like he had never heard before, and the two OF’s found it to be darn close to the same time the one OF thought it hit the parking lot.

          In this same series of storms there was a young man hit by lightening and, as far as the OF’s knew this Tuesday, he was still in the intensive care unit. The boy that was hit was from Sloansville and some of the OF’s were familiar with where the family of the boy that was struck lives. These have been nasty, nasty storms — short but nasty.

          The conversation turned to people we know passing away, and it seems to some of the OFs that people they know are leaving us at a faster rate. It is the wave the OFs are in and it is beginning to crash upon the shore. The OFs started somewhere out in the ocean all in the same circle of small waves running toward an unknown shore. The waves of all the OFs travel together through calm waters and rough seas but still together. Now as the shore is in sight their wave seems to pick up speed…some will crash on a sandy beach, and some of the OFs will dash upon the rocks, but all will be in the same wave. Soon the wave will wash back out into the ocean and all the OFs will be gone, but not to worry because as the water returns to the sea the OFs will rise again. This time their vapors will rise on the warm currents up into the sky, and come down again as rain to replenish ocean up for it is hard to keep an OF’s down and a new family of OF’s is forming somewhere out in the ocean.

          Those attending the breakfast at the Chuck Wagon Restaurant in Princetown (and when it rains they carefully watch each raindrop that falls) were: Bob Benac, Roger Fairchild, Herb Sawotka, Jay Taylor, Glenn Patterson, Henry Witt, Mark Traver, Mace Porter, Gary Porter, Lou Schenck, Robie Osterman, Jack Norray, Duane Wagenbaugh, Jim Watson, Joe Loubier, Steve McDermitt, John Rossmann, Harold Guest, Ted Pelkey, Frank Pauli, Mike Willsey, Ted Willsey, Harold Grippen, Miner Stevens, Roger Shafer, Steve Kelly, and me.