On the Tuesday, the 29th of March, the Old Men of the Mountain met at the Chuck Wagon Diner in Princetown, right on Route 20 where Giffords Church road comes in, and again we are now certain that there were big paper’s spies there, or the big papers read the Enterprise.

As this scribe has reported many times what the OF’s discuss at their breakfast is sometimes seen in the daily papers almost the next day. This one took a little longer but looks like it was lifted right out of the OMOTM column. In the OMOTM column of March 15th the OF’s talked about how fast news gets out now with all the new electronic gadgets. This news is mostly nonsense, or repeated over and over just to fill up time. In the TU of March 30th, on the editorial page in large print is, “The 24-hour news cycle has us on edge” by Diana Wagaman. This writer wants to go back further than Movietone News; she wants to go back to when the news was delivered by horseback. Go figure.

Someday the OF’s are going to have to take a poll on how many children and grandchildren the OF’s are responsible for. Last week one of the OF’s was blessed with his 15th grandchild. The OF’s bet Christmas is fun at his home. There is an old saying that your grandkids are great because they go home at night and do not drive you nuts, but grandparents still worry about their grandkids like they were their own.

The OF’s had quite a discussion on sore feet, and it was found that this is not a malady that just a few of the OG’s have but almost all the OF’s feet bother them in some form or another, and some worse than others. Another old saw is take care of your feet when you are young and they will take care of you when you are old. This is true. The OF’s are finding out that when your feet hurt you hurt all over. Many of the bumps and scrapes that came from when the OF’s were growing up, they are paying for now, with arthritis filling in the small breaks and cracks, and twisted joints. Tain’t fun Magee.

The OF’s added to this lament of aches with the long hard winter making it worse. “Why are we here?” one OG said, and another OG answered, “Because it was the next place on the list you OF.” At this point the OF that asked the question just slapped his forehead. Of course the “here” OF number one was referring to was the northeast, while OF number two was referring to the restaurant and none of that went together.

A few of the OG’s are on oxygen and come with their portable units. This is great to see. These OF’s are tough and these guys do not sit around in their chairs staring out the window and complaining, “Oh woe is me.” These guys get out and about. This morning one of the OG’s that carries oxygen came in with the carload he generally comes with and quickly sat down. Because the OF does have that tank he sat on the outside seat of the booth and placed his tank on the floor beside his seat. This is normal and no way unusual. A little later another carload arrived and started to sit in the booth ahead of where the earlier carload was seated with the OF who had the oxygen tank.

One OF in the later carload stopped to talk to some OF’s in the booth across the aisle for awhile before he sat down. When this OF did decide to sit with the others his left foot, unknown to him, became entangled with the oxygen hose going from the tank to the OF (who was already sitting down) and as he sat down his foot pulled that hose, and snapped back the head of the OF who was using the oxygen, and the tank fell over with a loud clank. The OF just sitting down did not realize what was going on because his back was to everything. He then turned around in order to see what was going and in the process he pushed his left foot more forward (that was the one with hose wrapped around it) pulling the poor OF with the oxygen tighter against the back of the booth.

Two OF’s in the booth across the aisle jumped to pull the hose from the other OF’s foot (who still didn’t know what was going on) so the OF pushed his left foot even further out drawing the hose tighter yet. The OF with the oxygen is now really pinned to the back of the seat make gasping sounds before the two that jumped across the aisle were able to free the hose from the OF’s left foot.

By now the OF with the hose around his foot realized what was going on and moved his foot back, so the OF’s did not have to call 911. End of crisis.

One OF, reported on another OF, who was 87 years old, (not a member) who has been getting the magazine “Outdoor Life” for years. Recently his subscription came due. Like many magazine subscriptions there are options for how long you sign up; the more years you take the publication the less it is per year. As one OF said it is an enticement but the difference is not that great. However, the OF in question signed up for 10 years, fully expecting that he would have to renew again. True optimism.

Those attending the breakfast at the Chuck Wagon Diner in Princetown and glad the OF’s really didn’t generate a scene by having to have the ambulance show up were: Ted Pelkey, Frank Pauli, Arnold Geraldsen, Don Moser, Miner Stevens, Harold Guest, Henry Witt, Glenn Paterson, Mark Traver, Willard Osterhout, Ted Willsey, Jim Rissacher, Mike Willsey, Gerry Chartier, Harold Grippen Lou Schenck, Garry Porter, and Me.