On Tuesday, the 15th of February, the Old Men of the Mountain met at the Home Front Café in Altamont. The OFs understand that Cindy has been under the weather for a bit but she was back to work and the OFs wished her well and she stays there working someone has to keep Jack in line.

As soon as the early bird OF’s arrived the gossip, or tattle-tales started. It seems that one OF’s daughter-in-law was traveling along Rock Road when (during that bad weather we have been enjoying or not enjoying, depending on if you are a skier or not, or one that plows out driveways) she drove off the road and, as one OF put it, or as another OF said, she missed a driveway. The essence is she was in the snow bank, and another OF happened by and pulled her out and she went on her way. See! Go ahead make fun of the OF’s with their hobbling gait and canes. We are good for something.

The conversation at one point went from pulling people out of snow banks to picking up trash along the highway. Town workers, county workers, and those that that belong to some group

or organization which maintain certain sections of roads pick up trash during the spring, summer, and fall. The OF mentioned that along the highways are signs that show what group is maintaining the edges of the roads so they look neat. These signs read something like, “The next 3 miles of road is maintained by those who are smoking less and hate it chapter 433221.” Some of the OF’s participate in this endeavor and were talking how at first they used just work gloves, then rubber gloves, and now they have these tong-type picker-uppers. These OF’s say this was a great invention because now they don’t have to touch a lot of this trash, and they do not have to bend over and kill their backs. The question was asked if they ever found any substantial amounts of cash or anything of any value, and the OF’s said no, however, they do find some bizarre things, like a full case of beer, or miscellaneous types of underwear, but most of the time it is just junk.

The OF’s were missing one regular OF who was legally excused last week so he could attend his grandson’s bowling tournament. It was mentioned in the column last week how the papers seem to concentrate on certain sports and ignore others. To the OF’s it was suspicions confirmed that the major media sends out spies to our meetings so they can cover what the OF’s talk about. The reason the OF’s say this is because we talked about bowling on a Tuesday, and about four days later the Times Union covered bowling. The OF’s think this is not a coincidence because it happens too many times. One OF said he thinks the big papers read the Enterprise and figure out where we are going next and dispatch their snoops there to listen in.

This week the OF’s discussed glasses. A few weeks ago it was hearing aids, but this week it was glasses. The OF’s are not so vain that they want to stick their glasses in their eyes…like contacts. If they have to wear glasses they will wear glasses. This (with the OF’s anyway) causes problems. The OF’s are continually breaking them. Contacts have a problem of getting lost, or coming

out, but glasses break and the OF’s can break them just putting them in their pocket. The situation is quite critical because many of

the OF’s can’t even find their nose to blow it without their glasses. Some prepare themselves for this glass breaking phenomenon by ordering two or more pair when they have their eyes examined.

Wednesday, February 16, the OMOTM lost a faithful member. Wally Quay Sr. passed away at home surrounded by his family. Wally was 94 years old and is joining his wife Ella, and he will continue the Tuesday morning OMOTM breakfasts on a cloud somewhere in heaven with the other OMOTM that have gone on before him to let the angels know there will be one more for breakfast. All the OMOTM offer their condolences to the family of Wally on his passing.

Those attending the breakfast at the Home Front in Altamont and braving the below zero temperatures to get to the restaurant were: John Rossmann, Gary Porter, Ted Pelkey, Miner Stevens, Dave Williams, Roger Chapman, Robie Osterman, Henry Witt, Gerd Remmers, Frank Pauli, Don Moser, Arnold Geraldsen, Mark Traver, Glenn Paterson, Ted Willsey, Mike Willsey, Harold Guest, Jim Rissacher, and me.