The weather god must be mad at the Old Men of the Mountain because the last couple of Tuesdays the OF’s have had to travel in some miserable weather and Tuesday, February 8th was no exception.

Some of the OF’s made it to the Chuck Wagon Diner in Princetown and none of those that made it encountered much traffic but going home after breakfast the temperature had dropped about six degrees and the wind had increased to (an educated guess by some) 20 to 25 miles per hour. Oh well. It’s like flying. If you’re afraid to fly in the wind you won’t go anywhere, and bad weather is the same. As one OF put it we may have the experience for driving in bad weather but the reflexes are a little on the slow side. “Speak for yourself was a reply, I am as quick as I always was.” To which another OF quipped, “That is why your nickname was snail when you were a kid.”

In the last issue of the Enterprise there was an informative letter from Corky Johnson of the Altamont Parts Store on the OF’s mud hook dilemma. It is good to know mud hooks are still available, and will fit most car wheels. The OF’s that have ATV’s and use them around the farm thought it might be a good idea to get a couple sets of the these to carry in the ATV’s tool box. Thanks guys.

Some conversation evolved around (not politics per se) the Hilltown Seniors giving their building to the town of Berne. The seniors were given the building by the Grange, and just like being the first owner of a farm, or in some cases a home, the building seems to always carry that name, and the seniors for the most part were always mentioned to meet in the old Grange Hall on 443.

Part of the discussion was that the way the OF’s understood it was that the town wants to move the library to this site, which to the OF’s did not make much sense because of how far it is to this Grange hall from town. The OF’s thought that the Catholic Church would be a much better location for the library because it is closer to town, and it right across the street from the school, however, one OF said that he thought the school wanted the Church so they could move the school offices out of the bus garage. Decisions, Decisions. All the OF’s did was talk about it; they actually did not arrive at any conclusions.

The OF’s also discussed a team sport that is not mentioned much. Most hear about basketball, baseball, swimming, and schools that also have football, tennis, and archery, but the discussion this morning was on bowling. The competition among schools that have bowling squads is just as tense as any of the others. One of the OF’s has a grandson on the bowling team at Middleburgh, and there is quite a rivalry between Middleburgh and Berne.

One OF asked if he could get a written excuse to be excused from the breakfast at the Home Front next Tuesday so he could attend the bowling tournament at Boulevard Lanes in Schenectady to watch his grandson compete. Permission was granted.

The OF’s thought that the FCC had recently put forth regulations keeping the sound of the advertisements on TV at the same volume as the sound on the shows. The OF’s have not heard this happen. (Pardon the pun). Those OF’s that have hearing devices say that some of the ads actually pierce the top of their heads they are so loud. More political talk and no action.

The OF’s continued on in the TV vein by commenting on the number of ads on TV. The OF’s were not saying there were too many or too few, rather it was how these spots are dominated by car and furniture ads. One OF said with the furniture ads the furniture has to be really over-priced if they can afford to be on every channel almost every twenty minutes. The OF’s asked the question of how a high-end dinning room table set, which is nothing but wood, screws, and finish cost as much as a car? How can a mattress which is no more than fabric, wood, screws, wire and a collection of springs cost thousands of dollars? Something is not right here.

One OG said the prices will stay there as long as people buy that stuff. To which another OG said, “Well, I am not going back to a couple of feather ticks on a rope strung bed.” So another OG said “That might not be a bad idea; maybe it’s all this fancy bedding that is causing your morning stiffness. We never heard our parents complain.”

For those in Washington who are still on the planet Krypton, and insist the cost of living has not gone up, here are some recent price checks. Propane is now $4.25 a gallon; heating fuel oil costs $3.60 a gallon and three bags of groceries at my house recently came to $63.72. How are people on fixed incomes supposed to handle these bills? Tain’t right Magee.

Those who made it to the Chuck Wagon Diner in Duanesburg were few in number but they still covered many subjects were: Gary Porter, Harold Guest, Frank Pauli, John Rossmann, Glenn Patterson, Mark Traver, Ted Willsey, Jim Rissacher, Harold Grippen, Mike Willsey, Gerry Chartier, and me.