If you live in our area of the world Tuesday, the first of February, was a day to remember and was the first day of what was supposed to be a double whammy, well they got the first part right. It snowed and the Old Men of the Mountain had to trek to the Duanesburg Diner in Duanesburg. Many of the OF’s made the trek. They came from Middleburgh, Huntersland, Berne and East Berne, Knox, and Central Bridge. The OF’s shook out of bed and battled the elements just for eggs, cheese, and sausage on a hard roll, with home fries and coffee. The OMOTM are tough or stupid, one or the other. The OF’s noted one thing though, there were others in the restaurant, plus the waitresses, and kitchen help. The difference here is that the help needs the money from the job, and the OF’s don’t.

After the breakfast some of the OF’s left in the height of the snowstorm. One carload headed toward Knox and was doing fine, until they turned on Chadwick road that was one big whoop. Number one, the OF’s could not see and number two, the road was not plowed. The OF’s said not half a mile up the road there was a car in the ditch. The driver just drove there because she could not tell what was road and what wasn’t. On that turn also were two cars headed towards Knox, and three cars headed toward Route 7 along with a National Grid, or Verizon truck with a trailer, all stopped. Eventually the cars headed towards Knox were able to get around the other four vehicles and tried to continue on. The two cars ahead of the OF’s turned into a garage and the OF’s found out later on it was because the drivers could not see the road.

The OF’s continued on at a slow clip because they too could not see, however, this slow clip was their downfall because they could not make the hill, plus not being able to see. So the OF’s backed down to the same garage where the other two cars were, which was half a mile at least. One OF said that was quite a trick with one OF in the back seat directing the driver to make sure he was still on the road.

The owner of the house across the street was Cindy Scheuer, one of the nicest people anyone would want to meet. The OF’s said she invited them in along with the people in the other two cars plus she had a kitchen full of friends all trying to get home. One of the friends said she was a school teacher and her name was Mary Ann Conway. Both ladies said that they were readers of the OMOTM column and that they loved reading the column. So on behalf of the sheltered OF’s, for at least a little while, the OF’s say thank you, and for some reason we were directed to meet complete strangers who turned out to be great people.

In a short while the plows came, and the OF’s left and the rest of the ride home for them was uneventful except half the time they could not see where they were going.

The OF’s started talking about hearing aids, WHAT you say, you have read this before? This from people that have them and do not use them because they are useless, according to these OF’s. These OF’s said they have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on these hearing aids and for all of them these OF’s also say they spend a fortune on hearing aid batteries. One OF said all the use he gets out of a battery is three days, so he rarely uses the hearing aids. Nothing has changed from the last time we commented on these things only the names of the OF’s and a couple whose wives made them get them, and these newcomers have the same lament. The price they charged the OFs and what they get for this price is criminal.

We discussed a current topic and that is what is going on in Egypt. The OF’s say this is something to keep our eyes on because it can blow up into something really big.

Then we discussed parking meters. One OF asked in general if the businesses are paying taxes, and, if they want people to shop in their establishments, then why charge them to park? One OF said that he thought it was to keep people from parking all day and they are not shopping. Makes sense.

Most of the OF’s have friends all over the country, especially in the winter. What the OF’s are finding out is that this year there is no escaping some miserable weather. Those OF’s that stayed put, like usual, are saying this year they may be the smart ones, but there is still February and March to go, and March can be nasty.

Those OF’s that hang around in the hills during the winter and still make it out to the restaurants no matter what, and Tuesday it was the Duanesburg Diner in Duanesburg were: Robie Osterman, Steve Kelly, Roger Shafer, Roger Chapman, Ted Pelkey, John Rossmann, Harold Guest, Mark Traver, Frank Pauli, Mike Willsey, Harold Grippen, Gerry Chartier, and Me.