Saddle up the horses boys, it’s Tuesday and we must be off to the meeting. It is November 30th and there is a lot to done before the 25th of December. Yeah, but my faithful steed is a tired old pony and I think the Duanesburg Diner is quite a ride for the poor thing. OK, old timer we can ride doubles.

The OF’s made it to the Duanesburg Diner and then they started talking about a myriad of things. One topic that the OF’s wanted to talk about was the proliferation of pillows. One OF went to visit friends of the family and there were so many pillows on the furniture it was necessary to take them off and throw them on the floor to sit down. Another OF mentioned that fabric absorbs and holds odors so to combat stinking cigarettes smells, or cat and dog smells, it is necessary to burn candles to mask the odor, or spray fragrances all over and the place smells like a French you-know-what. To the OF’s they are a waste of material, and space, to say alone money. Give me the smell of a car barn over these smells any day another OF said. The others really didn’t know whether to believe this OF or not. Not was the chosen word.

Ten pillows on the bed was another part of discussion. One OG said unless you have post nasal drip one pillow for each occupant in the bed is enough, what do you do with all the others, just throw them on the floor?

The OF’s started a conversation on drinking water, and the water that many of the OF’s have on the hill. A lot of the OF’s on the hill have some form of sulfur water, which is not bad. Some of the wells are pretty strong and the aroma can be taken care of with chlorinators, or it can be aerated. Most of the OF’s like their sulfur water, or well water, because not all wells have sulfur. As a rule, one OF said, sulfur water is soft water and is good for you. People pay good money to go to places that have sulfur water, like Saratoga, Sharon Springs, Colorado Springs and places like that and on the hill many are blessed with the water right in their own backyard.

A couple of the OF’s mentioned about going off the hill to go

someplace to eat like Albany or Delmar and the coffee is rank. Some can almost detect the chlorine in the water right in the coffee. There is nothing like a cold glass of water from a well without all those chemicals added.

One OF said all of us need more dirt and minerals in our bodies naturally. Safe well water is loaded with minerals that we need he said, and we even clean our veggies too much, he continued. This OF maintained that all you have to do is wash a carrot, and not hard at that, or a potato, or a beet, cook it up and eat it. Scrubbing and scraping just takes away all the good stuff. One OF said, though, mashed potatoes with the skins in them to him did not look that appetizing. The other OG said, even so, they are better for you with skins in there.

Along with this conversation on water the OF’s talked about the depth of wells (how deep they were) and the subject came up that springs just come up out of the ground. Many lakes and ponds are spring fed and the OF’s were wondering why springs pop up where none were before. Also, some springs bubble out of the ground where there is only twelve to eighteen inches of earth over feet upon feet of solid rock.

Being a hydrologist must be interesting work, one OF mentioned, because something as simple as water has all these mysteries. Why is it that it is possible to push water miles, but it can only be lifted a few feet? How does a tree lift water a hundred feet to the top? Where is the pumping station in a tree? Does each drop of water in the sapwood lift the drop beneath it and pass it on to the drop above it and through this action move water hundreds of feet? Maybe, one OF said, we should have paid more attention in school.

The OF’s also talked about their travels this Thanksgiving and how many (at least at the table this scribe was at) traveled nowhere. One OF said he wished he were younger so he could work for the TSA and run one of those new scanner machines. Another OF said, you old goat, that job won’t last long; the technology will change so fast in a short while they won’t be using these scanners anyway just as soon as the head of the TSA has made enough money to cover his kickback to have them built and the government pay for them.

Most of the OF’s ate well; no OF had to sent out for subs.

Those OF’s who tethered their horses outside the Duanesburg Diner in Duanesburg and went to the room in the back were: Henry Witt, Roger Chapman, Miner Stevens, Mace Porter, Gary Porter, Robie Osterman, Roger Shafer, Ted Pelkey, Harold Guest, John Rossmann, Don Moser, Arnold Geraldsen, Mike Willsey, Harold Grippen, and me.