On the road again, Tuesday the 26th, the Old Men of the Mountain found their way off the hill and wound up at the Voorheesville Diner in Voorheesville.

The short time the OF’s were there two trains lumbered by. The first train went by as some of the OF’s were getting out of their vehicles and tried to say good morning to each other. For those who are not familiar with the diner it is about 30 yards or so from the tracks. It is tracks, parking lot, and diner. When a train has a good head of steam and is clicking it off as it goes by, it is loud. The OF’s can’t hear anyway, so to add to this, the noise of the train canceled out the verbal offerings of good morning because this greeting could not get past the din of the train.

Later on another train passed through and the OF’s knew it was coming before it actually came because the coffee in the coffee cups shook like in the movie Jurassic Park when the dinosaur was shaking the ground as it approached where the people in the movie were having coffee. This was a great special effect.

The OF’s were talking about when they were younger, and comparing their bodies to the bodies they have today. By comparison the OF’s used to be contortionists. If only we could bend like when we were ten years old the OF’s say. Just putting on socks is a process that has to be thought out. Bending over is out of the question. Sitting down and bringing the foot up and trying to cross the legs so the foot is somewhere near where the hands are is another challenge. Then one OF said that when the foot is a little way into the sock and a toenail hooks on a thread, should we continue to push until the thread breaks, or take the sock off and start over? This is another major decision. Another OF said that some socks where like iron and will take this abuse, while others break one thread and the next time on there is a hole in the toe.

The OF’s say that if the house catches on fire, and the OF is in bed, to heck with taking the time to try and make yourself presentable. It would take too long and the house would probably burn to the ground with the OF in it before the OF got his socks on. The best part of valor is to run out naked, and with bodies that look like road maps no one would care, and if it was Halloween people would think the OF was in costume.

The other thing that goes along with being able to bend, or twist, or jump and skip is getting into the shower. This apparently is a common problem because the OF’s notice many ads for

step-in showers, or tubs with doors. When the OF’s were younger and at the age of ten seeing dad taking soap to the pond makes a lot of sense now.

Apparently there is a show on the Discovery Channel called something like swamp loggers. The OF’s were talking about all the work these people do just to haul up one log that has been under the water for years. The OF said that these logs are worth a ton of money. Must be if they put in all this effort to get them out of the water. The OF mentioned the Great Lakes and how there are ships at the bottom of them. These lakes can get pretty mean when the weather kicks up.

What brought this conversation up was the weather people who were talking about a storm that is pending in the mid-west and is going to blow across the Great Lakes. One of the OF’s mentioned that he heard that this storm will be similar to the one that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald seventy-five years ago. “The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they call Gtiche Gumee.”

The OF’s that rolled off the hill and made it to the Voorheesville Diner in Voorheesville were: Mace Porter, Gary Porter, Roger Chapman, Harold Guest, Ted Pelkey, Arnold Geraldsen, Robie Osterman, Mike Willsey, Ted Willsey, Harold Grippen, Jim Rissacher, and me.