Over the hill and through the valley the Old Men of the Mountain go. This time we trekked to the Middleburgh Diner, in Middleburgh. Those OF’s on the hill drive off and see people raking and working in their yards while the hill OF’s are still moving snow around so it will melt. It is two completely different kinds of weather in such a short radius that drives the OF’s nuts.

We must harken back to last week or so when we mentioned the weather men reporting the weather as if it encompassed the whole Albany area and it doesn’t. An OF standing on the escarpment can just about make out the runways at the airport and the weather guys weather is just for that little circle around the airport. Most of the time it has nothing to do with people who live more than 5 miles from the airport. Instead of saying that “Albany” had an 11” snowfall deficit so far this winter the weather guys should say, “The weather around the Albany International Airport has an “11 deficit in snowfall this winter.” Most of the OF’s live in Albany county, some reside in Schoharie county and in 5 days many OF’s living in parts of those counties had 62” of snow, and if we could hack up a good hair ball the OF’s could spit on the control tower at the airport while standing in our 62” of snow. Enough of that, we have beat it to death.

On the way to the Middleburgh Diner most traveled over the flats to Middleburgh. To do that the OF’s had to travel along the Schoharie creek and the Fox creek. These two tributaries which eventually end up in the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers were chuck full with brown, raging water. At Middleburgh the Schoharie creek was up to the stone wall. It is a good thing it stopped raining when it did. Some of the OF’s mentioned at the breakfast of heading back home via Cotton Hill, just to see what it was like up there.

Another thing that the OF’s have discussed before and was definitely overused in the last week or so is the term “The American People.” Both major parties use it over and over. The OF’s are American People and whatever stripe the OF’s were the phrase “American People” was not them. The OF’s say this term must be preceded by an adjective like “most”, or “some”, or “few”, or “many” but indicating blatantly that the term “The American People” our politicos assume all Americans agree with their positions and they don’t — and the OF’s don’t care which party it is, they all do it. In some cases all the polls will indicate that 60% of the people do not agree with whatever, and it can be Democrat or Republican using the numbers, that means only 40% do agree, and either party will say “The American People” want this or that when really it is only 40% that do. Right off the bat they begin with a lie. The OF’s have trouble with this.

One of the OFs picks up other OF as they head towards the restaurant of the day and one of the ones he picks up is 92 years old and at that age has a little trouble seeing. The ride to the Middleburgh Diner this morning had areas of some pretty dense fog. The driver at time had trouble seeing just like the 92-year old passenger. It was suggested by some of the other riders that the OF driving should let the 92-year old drive because he was very good at navigating when the conditions the OF’s were in was normal for him. Not a bad idea.

A point of interest — we are called the OMOTM for a reason. Two of the OF’s sitting at the tables are over 90. One is 92 and the other is on the high side of 90. Both gentlemen have alert minds and an active lifestyle. When we start talking about what went on a while back, with these two around a while back is a while back. It is the time of the model-T Ford, Woodrow Wilson was president, then Warren Harding, and then good ole Cal from Vermont, running water was a luxury, and anyone who completed the sixth grade was educated. This makes the conversations at the breakfast in many cases living history lessons. The OF’s should clean up some of the OF’s and travel to the schools in the hilltowns and let the kids just ask questions out of the blue on what it was like 80 years or so ago. Of course most of the kids would have grandparents that fill that need but somehow it seems more plausible when the same story comes from a stranger. Why is that?

The OF’s that cut their way through the fog and made it safely to the Middleburgh Diner in Middleburgh were: Wally Quay Sr., Miner Stevens, Don Moser, Arnold Geraldsen, Roger Chapman, Gary Porter, Dave Williams, Steve Kelly, Robie Osterman, Harold Guest, John Rossmann, Ted Pelkey, Frank Pauli, Jim Rissacher, Willard Osterhout, Mike Willsey, Gerry Chartier, Harold Grippen, and me.