On February 16th The Old Men of the Mountain met at the Duanesburg Diner. We have mentioned the crossing of Route 7 and Route 20 at Duanesburg before. At the red light there was a restaurant called The Hub, a now defunct general store and gas station, a Stewarts, and a house. There is a little cut-over from the east-bound side on Route 20 to basically the south-bound side on Route 7. At this little cut-over stood a house the last time we had breakfast at the Duanesburg Diner. At this morning’s breakfast that house was gone, flat, nada, just level dirt — how things do change.

Oh no, not again, ads that are not ads but propaganda; this time it is natural gas. The OF’s say they admit to only 100 years of it available. Big whoop. The OG’s say a hundred years in the scheme of things is just a pimple on an elephant’s butt. The OF’s say coal in the good ole US of A has the life expectancy of 2,200 years, and look at the jobs that will provide. One OG mentioned that both are finite. What we need is something that is renewable like *nuclear, the sun, the wind, water, magnetism, hydrogen, or even methane, and the OF’s bet there are young scientists working to develop something we are not even aware of yet. Another OG said we in this country are going at it all wrong. Limit the square feet a house can be, cut down on being in such a rush, limit the size of a vehicle, and whatever powers it, limit a whole bunch of things. Cities should completely shut down at 10 p.m. and open at 7 a.m. No one is really serious about conserving energy…it is all lip service. What take away our fun? It was hard to keep the other OF’s from thumping this OF into the floor, although in essence he is right.

One OG has just returned from a cruise to the warmer islands where he said the weather was great. They were gone about 15 days and all he did was relax. This OG needed this relaxation because he was recovering from some serious back surgery and said he feels great now and showed it. The OF’s wonder if that could be part of a standard procedure after major surgery, or joint replacement. A cruise of your choice would be part of the physical therapy prescription issued by the doctor. The OF’s would like that as part Obama’s health plan.

The other thing this OF mentioned was that the ship he was on was completely full. “Every cabin was taken.” This is some kind of strange recession (or whatever it is called) we are supposed to be in right now. One OF said nothing is going to change until everyone is on the bread line. This OG has a point there.

The OG’s started talking about the section of the “Enterprise” called Blotters and Dockets and the amount of petty thievery that goes on particularly at Crossgates. One OF said he thinks it is just the tip of the iceberg, “How many get away with it?” He asked.

The amounts were what some of the OF’s were talking about. Sometimes it is only a couple of dollars. Why bother to steal something so trivial? One OG mentioned some people are kleptomaniacs and can’t help themselves, and some he thinks may even be initiation into frats, or sororities, and this is the really dumb type of shoplifting which is done by supposedly smart kids.

At the end of the table this scribe was at he almost wanted to move because everyone was talking how sick they had been. Some thought it was some kind of stomach virus. All said they hadn’t felt so sick in years. The OF’s said it wasn’t only them but their families, and extended families. This scribe scrubbed his hands in real hot water as soon as he got home. Where is the Fels Naptha soap?

Talking about this scribe brought up the following remarks. Apparently this scribe left some names off last week, hmmm. This scribe checked his list and the names on the list matched the names in the paper, hmmm. Anyway ladies if your hubby says he was at the OMOTM last week he probably was, hmmm, maybe.

One of the OG’s had a birthday yesterday, and this OG is still working even though he was celebrating his 82nd birthday, and he still has his hair, and most of it is still black. At times the OF’s can almost understand the sin of jealousy.

Again none of the OF’s felt any of the eight earthquakes that we were supposed to have had last week in the Hilltowns of the Helderbergs. If there were any shakes recorded, the seismographs that record them must be really sensitive if the OF’s in the Hilltowns cannot feel these quakes. At the ages of the OF’s sometimes even the sheets rubbing against our bodies hurt. That is how sensitive we are to feeling things so one would think at least one OF would have felt one of these tremors.

Those OF’s who were happy that our quakes are not of the Haitian type and were able to make it to the Duanesburg Diner were: Robie Osterman, Carl Slater, Miner Stevens, Tom Hotaling, Roger Shafer, Dave Williams, Steve Kelly, Paul Paulsen, Ted Pelkey, Frank Pauli, John Rossmann, Harold Guest, Gary Porter, Ted Willsey, Harold Grippen, Mike Willsey, and me.

*The OFs are ahead of the curve. After we discussed having nuclear power as one of our energy sources, two days later on TV and in the paper President Obama announced he would make a huge sum of money available to build a nuclear power plant. Did he have a spy at our breakfast???