Ah, dear readers, the Old Men of the Mountain managed to gather again at Mrs. K’s Restaurant in Middleburgh. We mustered through the door and plopped in the chairs already at tables set out for us, and by plopped this scribe means plopped, just like some teenager making an attempt to sit on the couch. In the case of the teenager it is to see how high he can become airborne before reaching the apex and gravity takes over and brings him back down. Those with teenagers will know what this scribe means. With the OF’s it is a different story, it is the hips and the knees. At certain angles they give out and the OF’s bodies just give in and drop. Being airborne has nothing to do with it, only if we could.

The OF’s were wondering (and we didn’t mean this in a bad way or was it even mentioned that way) why not along with a Black history month there is not an Indian month, an Asian month, an Oriental month, or a Caucasian month where the history of all these people would be brought to the forefront. It would be fun. The OF’s said we are all Americans first, and should be that, but this is America and the cultures of others should not be forgotten. However, in the long run this should be secondary to being an American. When the OGs were in school the cultures of other races were just skimmed over. Then came WWII and things changed; many soldiers ran across these cultures and in some cases were shocked. Today’s technology brings us all so much closer together it would be fun to learn and understand about other peoples. One OF mentioned that the Indian should be excluded because they have their own nations on American soil, so to them their culture should come first, and American second, but they too should have a month. This scribe will let it drop here but the OF’s thought it would be fun to really learn how other people think and what they contribute to the United States of America.

The OF’s started talking baseball…are the OG’s getting the itch or what? Of course the Yankees came up, and in that conversation it was mentioned about Derek Jeter’s engagement, with a few wet finger swipes of the eyebrows, not for Derek, but for the type of conversation the OF’s were in. And in that chat the fact came up these rich guys who can get any young lady they want and most of these young ladies don’t care about the guy but the money that goes with the guy. These girls (according to the OFs) see the dark wavy hair, and they see the color as green, only one OF said with our funny money today they could be blue or orange, whatever, but it will still have the letter S with the two lines through it. Then another OF said, “Well you can’t say that about my wife, I had to borrow money from her to pay for the wedding!” That about sums it up for us OFs.

The OFs have mentioned this before (there is a lot the OF’s have mentioned before) and that is the Electric Railroad. The OG’s listened to the politico’s talk and chuckled. That high speed railroad is nothing more than rhetoric…another Electric Railroad. The OG’s say this has been going on since the late 1800s and will never happen. Not in the good ole US of A anyway.

The car ads in the paper came up, and again the OF’s think this is where some of the stimulus money is going. How else can the car dealers pay for full page ads, and some double full page ads in color, in the papers? One OF mentioned that in the TU one weekday there were three pages of print with some regular ads, and six pages of car ads and that was the whole section. The papers must love this. Another OG mentioned watching TV and the TV was on the news and when the advertising break came on it was basically all car ads. Ford, Hyundai, and he couldn’t remember the others but one after another. The OFs say this has to be government money because the car people all claim they are broke, except Ford.

Now for something completely strange (enter Alfred Hitchcock or Twilight Zone music here) the OF’s were discussing as often we do, our farming experiences and the equipment we had. This for some reason transgressed to where the OG’s purchased their equipment, and who they used for maintenance on the larger pieces. This came up because of Jack Miller’s new building about 1-1/2 to 2 miles outside of Schoharie which many of the OFs have to pass on the way to Mrs. K’s. Many of the OFs used the same dealership when it was an Oliver dealer run by Harry Manz, then we thought it was taken over by Ed Keyser, then Jack.

When most of the OFs were plopped in their seats, and most all were fed, who walked in but Ed Keyser and his wife June. In all the years of the OF’s meeting for breakfast and at the three of the eight restaurants we go to in Schoharie County has this ever happened, AND on the same day Ed was a part of the conversation…..Ta Dah….How many times does that happen? Many start talking about someone from their past and out of the blue, and for no real reason at all (and that person has not been seen or part of your life for years) shortly after he or she is part of the conversation they pop up….go figure….and in the case of the OF’s it was less than an hour.

Those OF’s that were able to make it to Mrs. K’s and showed up on their own and wishing there was a least one day when they would wake up and not hurt were: Roger Chapman, Gary Porter, Miner Stevens, Gerd Remmers, George Washburn, Robie Osterman, John Rossmann, Frank Pauli, Henry Witt, Ted Pauley, Harold Guest, Skip Skinner, Dave Williams, Paul Paulsen, Tom Hotaling, Don Moser, Mike Willsey, Harold Grippen, Jim Rissacher, Gerry Chartier, and me.