On Tuesday the 27th day of October, the Old Men of the Mountain met at the Duanesburg Diner in Duanesburg. It has been quite a while since the gas station/convenience store across from the restaurant closed and it is still closed and fenced off. Must be something going on here, or it could be the economy and not being able to be sold. The OF’s were wondering about it, although one OF mentioned that he did not see a for sale sign on the building.

Much of what the OF’s discussed was routine, until one OF mentioned that on the last test he had on his lungs they found traces of his problem with normal X-rays, and not the super-duper X-rays (whatever that is – the rest of us thought that X-rays were X-rays) and that is not good news. It shows that his problem is spreading, and there is no cure, or treatment, for his condition. Bummer. He has been through breathing rehab, and has been shown how to breathe along with taking his oxygen. As with many medical situations if you can hang in long enough someone will come up with a breakthrough on many different situations and one may address your particular circumstance. One OF said that there are many researchers working on all kinds of medical problems attempting to find a cure, or a way to prevent the problem, or ways to live with it until something is developed.

That little fact is what scares many of the OF’s about the health reforming that is going on. The OFs say that without the chance to make big bucks research will come to a grinding halt, and we will all suffer because of it, young and old. The OF’s say “mark our words.”

Some of the OF’s say if you think that research and development of medicines, energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and science is done out of the goodness of the researchers, engineers, and scientists hearts (maybe some) but most of them are there for the bucks, and so are the companies and their investors. Take those dollars away, and away go the researches etc. When they go so does progress. One OF said if things develop along the lines they are going now why should we encourage our young people to study math so they can become scientists and engineers? The jobs won’t be there so why even bother with school; why should we pay these high school taxes?

Oops! The OF’s were getting in deep water, and venting a tad, but one OG said there are a few researchers who do it for humanitarian reasons and not for the money. Some teachers would teach no matter what they were paid because that is their calling. Another OF agreed and said some police officers are in it for the money, some because they like the power, and some are just legal bullies, but many would do it no matter what because they believe in serve and protect and get pretty fed up with the others because it gives them a black name.

Another OG said this can be applied to many occupations like train engineers, some because it pays well, while others would do it for nothing just because they love trains. To lump all persons in one profession or another under one blanket as to intent is not really true. The OG added, like all politicians are crooks, and speak with a forked tongue, well, some OF’s chimed in that may be a bad example. The blanket sure covers them no matter if they have a D, R, C, I, WP, or whatever party affiliation after or before their name.

Fall became another discussion, or a continuing discussion as the weather around here has knocked most of the leaves down. One OG said he has winterized his lawn equipment and put it away along with the outdoor furniture and what leaves fall now can stay there until spring. Some of the OF’s have had opportunities to see this OF’s yard where maples and oaks surround his home and the leaves in the fall with their color and the view out back of his home are like a calendar picture. However, this OG doesn’t think so since he has seen them every day for eighty years and has had to rake them and clear them off the lawn enough. The OF says if you think they are so pretty and colorful you are welcome to come to my house and rake them up and take them home with you, he will even supply the bags to put them in, then you can look at them anytime you want.

Those attending the breakfast at the Duanesburg Diner in Duanesburg, and taking one topic and winding it along so the original point is long gone were: Henry Witt, Walt Hill, David Williams, Miner Stevens, Paul Paulsen, Carl Slater, Carl Walls, Arnold Geraldsen, Robie Osterman, Skip Skinner, George Washburn, Gary Porter, Mace Porter, Harold Guest, John Rossmann, Ted Pelkey, Frank Pauli, Willard Osterhout, Jim Rissacher, Mike Willsey, Ted Willsey, Harold Grippen, and me.