This morning the Old Men of the Mountain all piled into the Knox Country Store, on Tuesday the 29th of September to enjoy the weekly repast. The table this scribe was at was mostly a conversation on our cars of the past, and their problems. This seems to be quite a redundant conversation and as far as reporting goes tends to be quite boring.

Some of the other tables though had more interesting banter. One topic the OF’s were wondering about was the Deputy Sheriff that had the accident on wet and slippery roads in Guilderland. The OF’s understand that the officer was responding to a call from an elderly lady in Knox who called about what she THOUGHT might be an intruder in her home. If the closest officer to respond to the emergency was in Guilderland this poor lady could have been done in, looted, and the intruder could be half way to Oneonta before help arrived.

One OF brought up a suggestion of somehow deputizing some of the volunteer firemen so that when a situation like this arises the call could go to the fire department and a siren signal would sound, and those deputized could immediately call and find out what was going on. Who knows, the fireman calling in to respond to the call might live right next door or just a few doors away. Someone could be there in a matter of minutes rather than someone flying down the road at 80 miles per hour; even at that speed, providing everything goes right and he doesn’t get lost, the deputy is still 20 minutes away.

As most of the residents of the Hilltowns know, Knox, and the Berne’s are a half hour from anywhere. This is just a thought from the OF’s…the firemen, and the EMT’s do a bang-up job, and the sheriff and troopers try their best, but in these hills they are spread kind of thin.

Recently the OF’s have reported an unusual amount of vandalism in the town parks, parties going on until all hours of the night in the cemeteries, ATV’s and dirt bikes tearing up and down the roads late at night, and just this type of lawlessness that is getting out of hand in the Hilltowns. These shenanigans can go on because there is little police presence here and those doing these things know it. By the time a concerned citizen contacts the authorities and someone responds the damage is done and all the participants have split.

A few OF’s mentioned the position the TU took on the VFW Post 1938 in Valley Falls and the burning of their flag. The OF’s said the VFW did the right thing in their form of simple justice and there should be more of it. If the VFW had contacted the authorities it would have been the next day, or even later before anyone came to check it out. The police are busy and have enough on their hands to begin with and when they did get there nothing would be done anyway, the courts are loaded and the OF’s bet this incident would just fade away. In the opinion of the OF’s the TU does not live in the real world.

Now on to something more pleasant. This scribe was glad to see so many of the OF’s attending his art show. Those that were at the breakfast and at the show commented on how much they liked the show, especially the cookies. Hey guys! It was an art show…you are supposed to like the paintings. Oh well the cookies were good. Maybe that is what this scribe should paint in the future, fruit baskets, and hamburgers, or horns of plenty, or maybe a steak sizzling on a grill being flipped by a buxom blonde in a bikini on some secluded beach. The OF’s might like that. Nah, they would still like the cookies they can eat; eating is the OF’s specialty.

Those attending the breakfast at the Knox Country Store, in the Town of Knox, and filling the place up were: Wally Quay Sr., Miner Stevens, Carl Walls, Harold Guest, John Rossmann, Duane Wagenbaugh, Bob Benac, Roger Chapman, Art Frament, Frank Pauli, John Brooks, Bill Thorpe, Jim Watson, Ted Pelkey, Gary Porter, Mace Porter, Skip Skinner, Harold Grippen, Paul Paulsen, Jim Rissacher, Ted Willsey, Willard Osterhout, Gerry Chartier and wife Winnie Chartier, Danielle Willsey granddaughter of Mike Willsey, (wonder what this young lady thought of all these OG’s) and me.