On Tuesday the 18th of August, the Old Men of the Mountain met at the Middleburgh Diner, on the outskirts of the Village. In back of the restaurant is a large American Flag…a really large American Flag…and it waves proudly in the breeze. In back of that on the hill is a cemetery. Now this is NOT indicative of the food at the Middleburgh Diner, it is not bad; in fact it is pretty good so the rumor that that is where people wind up after eating at the Diner is completely false. OF’s eat there, and sometimes not just for the breakfast, and the OF’s are still the OF’s, walking around and not on the hill counting the roots of the sod because there is nothing else to do while we lay there with our arms folded.

This scribe is going to have to go through some notes from the past breakfasts because this scribe was not at the breakfast this Tuesday. This scribe was working for a greater power and had a bona fide excuse written in stone.

Thumbing back through the notebook this scribe found a topic, that is very current and it has to do with a repetitive subject of the OG’s and that is (you guessed it) cars. Car ads are supposed to make us believe that one car is better than all the others. The OG’s know right off the bat that this is wrong. The other thing many cars ads do is compare themselves to either Toyota or Honda, and say their car is better than those two. Why take the gamble? Purchase the Toyota or Honda and be done with it. To the OG’s there is no way the other manufacturers know they are better until the vehicle they are talking about has 10 years or 200 thousand miles on it – then the comparison of one to the other can be made. Outside of Mr. Huge (which to the OFs is a running joke) many of the other car ads are just as laughable and many of the OF’s just roll their eyes when they hear or see them.

However, as one OF put it we have the advantage of years under our belts and can see through this all this bologna, or is it baloney (this scribe’s word). They are after the young people who haven’t learned to think for themselves yet. If, say a Ford, can get a young kid in one of their cars and the kid gets the feel of the car, and how it sounds and behaves and where the knobs and buttons are, this kid normally will gravitate to another Ford, not paying any attention to whether the car was a piece of crap or not. It is that initial feel and now they are hooked on that particular vehicle.

One OG said it is not only cars, but tractors, airplanes, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers…whatever is your first big toy…this is what you will stick with and maintain it is the best ever even when it cost a fortune to operate because it is always in the shop.

Another OF said he purchased a truck, and his brother-in- law said he would have problems with that brand and also it was too light. The OF said that it was not only too light but it was either a lemon, or the brother-in-law was right – all of them were junk from the time they were built. However, he always stood behind the vehicle and maintained it was the best thing since sliced bread. (Ever wonder why we say that? Have you ever tried to cut warm bread or really fresh bread with a dull knife? Now you know why the phrase is so true). To continue – the OF would not admit to his brother-in-law that he was right. So much so that when this vehicle bit the dust he went out a bought another one just like it, and got so ticked of at that one he wanted to drive it off a cliff. The OF finally woke up and got another brand which was heavier duty and was really happy with it.

In essence that is all Madison Ave. wants. They want to sucker the buyer into the first one then human nature takes over. Many will go back to whatever they are comfortable with. It was brought up that it is not only with tangible things but intangible as well. This OG used himself as an example and what he said many of the OF’s related to right away because they do the same thing. When he goes to his son’s home he travels one way, and the son keeps telling him it is the long way around. The OF’s said he checked it out and the son was right. The trip is longer by about 5 miles and 15 minutes, but he said I still go my way because I am comfortable that way and it still seems shorter to me than when I go his way to get there. So there!

Observation by the scribe: the first time to anywhere (say Florida for us OF’s) seems to take forever, and the OF seems to wonder why he started in the first place. Then about the tenth trip down the road seems less crowded and it also seems like the OF arrives in no time at all. Aha! Human nature, tain’t it great?

Those attending the breakfast at the Middleburgh Diner, and not quite ready for Digger O’Dell were: Ted Willsey, Mike Willsey, Harold Grippen, Jim Rissacher, Frank Pauley, Walt Hill, Mace Porter, Gary Porter, Robie Osterman, Carl Walls, Ted Pelkey, Paul Paulsen, Bill Bartholomew, Harold Guest, Dave Williams, Miner Stevens, Carl Slater, Duane Wagenbaugh, George Townsend, Bill Thorpe, Jim Watson, Jay Taylor, and not me.