Today, August 4th The Old Men of the Mountain met at the Hilltown Café in Rensselaerville, (can’t be today, because if you are reading the Enterprise it has to be at least Thursday, so it has to be last Tuesday) and we filled this place up also.

We had to sing the song where or where can Willard be? The case for Willard falls into another Bible story where returning home from the temple Mary thought Jesus was with Joseph, and Joseph thought Jesus was with Mary, and Jesus being from a large family this was pretty normal. Jesus very easily could have been with one set of playmates or another; such is the case of poor Willard. Mike thought Willard was with Ted, and Ted thought Willard was with Mike, so neither went to pick Willard up. Some of the OFs suggested that one of the drivers who forgot Willard should have ordered a breakfast for take out and bring it to Willard who was probably still waiting at the appointed pick up spot. Whether this happened or not, we don’t know.

Another OF called after the breakfast and reported that he showed up at the restaurant and said there were a couple of guys hanging around on the outside with cups of coffee and told the OF that they didn’t know if he would get a seat because there were no more chairs. This OF went back home which was too bad because there were more chairs and we had room for a couple more OF’s. Apparently those on the outside were waiting for a table and were not of the OF group. We would have accepted them. We are not fussy, we even let ladies and kids join in, and when they are around the OFs even put some of their conversations on hold. The OFs are gentlemen and most are grandfathers and do know how to behave. (Well maybe.)

Many of the OF’s conversations revolve around travel, and this morning was no exception. The discussion turned to the OF’s wives trying to read a map. In most cases this can be disastrous, and on a trip can lead to many arguments and hurt feelings. One OF said he does not own a GPS, and won’t ever own one, and his reasoning was very sound. To wit, on one trip back from Florida they wanted to go around Atlanta, so the wife reading the map told him if they would take Rte. 75 it would lead them to Rte. 8l and then they could go up north. The OF thought that Rte. 75 did not go to Rte. 81, but giving the wife the benefit of the doubt thought to himself that may be there was a new road that connected to Rte. 81, like a new Rte. 475 or something – after all it was a brand new map. By the time they reached Knoxville, Tenn. he knew Rte. 81 was out of the question, and they continued home through Ohio, a tad of Pennsylvania, and down the Thruway. This is the same OF that won’t get a GPS. He says he has to take directions from two women at home, and he ain’t going to take directions from any broad on a GPS, who probably knows less than the two women he has at home. You go man, you go.

The next conversation was on technology, and the absence of reading, among other things. The movie and the book Northwest Passage was discussed and we talked abut how many young people today haven’t a clue to what this book/movie is about. Then again many of the OF’s don’t know what Harry Potter, or the Lord of Rings is all about either. That became a wash.

Then we started talking about the civil war from the perspective of the South and North, and neither, till this day, understands the reasoning of either of side.

Somehow this led to laptops, and E-mails and how much time youngsters spend indoors on these things. The OFs are just that (OFs) and in our past years the outdoors was our thing. Those of us that do have computers and laptops have developed our own pet peeves on these machines just like anything else.

One pet peeve was the people that are not selective on what they forward, and these people just forward anything they get from someone else. Most don’t mind getting the forwarded e-mails if it is meant for them, but most of the stuff they get has a jillion other names attached to it, and the sender just clicks whatever they get and sends it on to whomever. The OF’s agreed to a person that these type of e-mails don’t even get opened. So the sender is just wasting their time, and putting junk on other people’s computers that take up space.

The OF’s said that they do forward e-mails they get but most of the time it is something that they think the receiver would be interested in, and may only have either the receiver’s name only or a few other names that may be interested in the e-mail also.

This may be a day late and a dollar short but this scribe left off two important names last week; they were Gerd Remmers, and John Rossmann…yes Matilda they were at the breakfast. Now for those OF’s who joined in at the Hilltown Café in Rensselaerville this week and they were: Gerd Remmers, John Rossmann, (and this scribe put these two first so as not to miss them again because the forty lashes with a wet noodle doesn’t hurt but it is embarrassing) George Washburn, Bob Dietz, Harold Guest, Roger Chapman, Frank Pauli, Ted Pelkey, Miner Stevens, Carl Walls, Duane Wagenbaugh, Jim Rissacher, Ted Willsey, Gary Porter, Gerry Chartier, Mike Willsey, Harold Grippen, Jim Watson, Warren Willsey, Ed Bradt, Bob Benac, Art Frament, Bob Snyder, Bill Thorpe, and me…and of course Willard Osterhout wasn’t there – he really wanted to be but due to gray hairs and senior moments he wasn’t.