On Tuesday, May 26th 2009, the Old Men of the Mountain met at the Duanesburg Diner in Duanesburg. The OF’s had a first. Two cars showed up at precisely the same time; there was one parking spot right in front of the door. One followed the other in but both wanted that spot. The vehicle that won had an able bodied crew, the other was loaded with a group that had to use canes and they lost out. However, there was a space close to the door that emptied out just about the same time so the driver of the load of handicapped OFs took that spot, but with some with canes and others who have to back out of the vehicle, there was not space between the cars on either side of the spot to open the doors wide enough for the OF’s to exit the vehicle. The driver had to back out, and let the OF’s out then pull into the spot and wiggle out himself because the OF did not want to bang the other vehicle and leave any kind of mark on either car. We are a considerate bunch no matter what you may hear about the OF’s.

A certain topic which comes up at the breakfast toward the end of each May is the Memorial Day parades, and today was no exception. When the OMOTM first started the OF’s did participate in the parades but we don’t march in parades much any more. Too much creaking of the bones. Some of the OG’s did lend support to the marchers, and did attend as many as three parades. Some to see their kids, and grandkids march, and some OF’s went on to the events that were held at parades that ended at cemeteries. While at the cemeteries the OF’s visited the gravesites of loved ones that have passed on.

What a variety of ideas came on the subject of visiting cemeteries. Some OF’s thought it was morbid, some thought it was respectful and necessary, some did not want to be reminded because it was too sad, and some said when you are gone, you are gone, who cares. Some said it was a waste of money and good land to be buried in the first place, we all should be cremated, and the family could use the ashes to fertilize a tree which would be more beneficial than cutting a tree down to make a casket.

Others said I don’t want to be cremated because when we are called to the rolling hills up yonder it is going to be them bones, them bones and they are all going to get up and walk around, and I want to do that. Another replied are you expecting a quick call, because if you are in the ground for one hundred years all you are going to be is dust anyway, and ashes are no more than dust. Well, if I am cremated I won’t be able to come back and haunt you, you OF, so don’t cremate me. This scribe thinks we got a little off the track of Memorial Day (which used to be Decoration Day) and was meant to pay respect to those that went to battle to defend our liberties and decorate their final resting places with American Flags.

Another topic was the new TV’s. One OG’s TV decided it had enough; the junk on TV was getting too much for even the set, so it just quit. The TV was one of those “regular” TVs and it fit in a cabinet just right. All the TV’s the OG looked at were the thin flat ones and most were too large for his cabinet…at least at the stores he was shopping at. The OF’s couldn’t remember if they still made the “old fashioned” type sets or not and were of little help to the OG. (Goes to show how often we OG’s go shopping). Some remembered seeing small, thin ones that would work, or so the OF’s thought. It is tough when OF’s get used to something and it works fine, then technological developments comes along. The OF’s don’t understand most of these developments at all. All we need is a TV that turns on and off; the OG selects a program, clicks it and watches it. That is all we need. If it shows that the phone is ringing, and what number it is, who in blazes cares, just pick up the phone and say hello then you know who it is. If it is a telemarketer just hang the dang thing up. What in the world is so hard about that? We can only watch one show at a time so who cares that the dumb thing will show two or three shows at once. The OF’s are sure if this OG keeps looking he will find one that fits in his cabinet.

Water dowsers were another thing that popped into the conversation. The OF’s were amazed at how the people with this talent can be right so much of the time. Many of the OF’s have had wells drilled with the help of dowsers and most have come in as good wells when drilled. If you ever have the opportunity to hold on the divining rod in the hands of a dowser as it points to water it is quite an experience. No matter how strong the OF’s thinks, or thought, they were it is virtually impossible to hold the rod back; it will twist right out of you hands. The other information a dowser has good information on is whether the home owner will need a pounder or a rotary drilling rig, or maybe it doesn’t matter which one is used to drill the well. Most of the OF’s are familiar with wells and ponds and know the importance of water and how to use it well.

Those attending the breakfast at the Duanesburg Diner in Duanesburg, and most drinking coffee, milk or orange juice…darn few have water were: Carl Slater, Paul Paulsen, Roger Chapman, Robie Osterman, George Washburn, Dave Williams, Steve Kelly, Bill Bartholomew, Mace Porter, Gary Porter, Harold Guest, Frank Pauli, Ted Willsey, Gerry Chartier, Harold Grippen, Mike Willsey, Jim Watson, John Rossmann, and me.